K4 Unit – ART. 2: Out of Classification Assignment/Classification Review


A. Bargaining unit employees’ level and scope of assigned duties shall be documented in their job descriptions which shall be established and classified by the University. If an employee’s duties and responsibilities undergo significant changes, the affected position(s) may be reviewed as described hereafter in t his Article. The official University-approved 2009 class specifications, which are guidelines only, may be found online at https://www.chr.ucla.edu/hr-administration/compensation-and-classification/ classification-specifications. Proposed changes to the class specifications that impact employees’ terms and conditions of employment will be subject to meet and confer. The University agrees to send copies, via U.S. Mail and email, of any changes to revised job descriptions to Teamsters Local 2010’s address of record.


1. If, during the term of this Agreement, the Union believes that certain bargaining unit members are working out of class, it may submit the position( s) of these bargaining unit members to Campus Human Resources or Healthcare Human Resources, as appropriate, for review. Campus Human Resources or Healthcare Human Resources shall provide a response to the request within 90 (ninety) days after receiving the submission from the Union unless the Union and the University mutually agree to an extension.
2. The University’s Compensation unit will determine whether or not the employee has been working out of class by evaluating the core functions and duties of the position and comparing them to pre-defined job families or classifications specifications and comparable positions within the organization and/or external to the organization. Factors  that may be considered include, but are not limited to, the scope of responsibility and skill and competencies required to perform the position. The classification review process will include a review of job descriptions and interviews with the incumbent and may include at least one of the following:

a. review of the organizational chart;

b. review of any supplemental information;

c. interviews with the supervisor and/or manager or subject matter experts;


d. review of a position questionnaire or survey.


a. Within twenty-one (21) calendar days of t he date the University issues the results of the Compensation unit’s review to the Union, the Union may request a Compensation Review Conference. Such request shall be directed to the Director of Labor Relations.

b. Within fourteen (14) calendar days of the request, the Campus Labor Relations Director or designee shall convene a Compensation Review Conference. The Union shall be entitled to respond to the review, orally or in writing, including any facts and/or arguments which the employee and/or the Union wishes to convey to the University. The bargaining unit employee seeking reclassification may participate in this meeting and one (1) union steward shall be granted release time, upon request, to attend.

c. Within ten (10) calendar days of the conclusion of the Conference, the University will issue its response to the Union. The University’s decision will be final.

d. After the University’s decision is issued, the parties may mutually agree to non-binding mediation.


1. The University and the Union agree that employees shall be assigned work consistent with the employee’s job description.

  1. An employee who is temporarily assigned by University management to perform substantially all of the duties on a full-time basis of a classification with a higher base rate than the employee’s regular appointment for a period of five (5) consecutive working days or more, shall be paid the higher base rate for all hours worked in the temporary assignment.