K6 Unit – ART. 1: Recognition


A. This Agreement, effective March 29, 2017 , is entered into between The Regents of the University of California, a corporation, referred to hereinafter as the “University,” and Teamsters Local 2010, referred to hereinafter as the “Union.” The University recognizes the Teamsters Local 2010, which was certified by the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) on February 3, 2016 , as the exclusive bargaining agent for matters within the scope of representation for the following classifications of UCSD employees, excluding those classes and/or employees designated as managerial, supervisory and confidential (as defined in HEERA).

8105 Lead Painter
8106 Painter
8109 Lead Carpenter
8110 Carpenter
8122 Lead Maintenance Mechanic
8123 Maintenance Mechanic
8125 Lead Sheetmetal Worker
8126 Sheetmetal Worker
8137 Lead Electrician
8138 Electrician
8189 Lead Elevator Mechanic
8188 Elevator Mechanic
8230 Lead Systems Operator
8231 Systems Operator
8257 Lead Plumber
8258 Plumber
8265 Lead Locksmith
8266 Locksmith
8275 Lead Central Utilities Plant Operator
8274 Central Utilities Plant Operator
7783 Lead High Voltage Electrician
8154 High Voltage Electrician
8192 Lead Pipefitter/Steamfitter
8193 Pipefitter/Steamfitter
8254 Lead Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Mechanic
8227 Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Mechanic
8165 Lead Maintenance (A)
8164 Lead Maintenance (B)
8102 Irrigation Mechanic
8139 Apprentice Electrician
8127 Apprentice Sheet Metal Worker
8111 Apprentice Carpenter
8262 Apprentice Locksmith
8107 Apprentice Painter
8268 Apprentice Elevator Mechanic
8259 Apprentice Plumber
8250 Apprentice Systems Operator
8289 Apprentice Central Utility Operator
Apprentice Pipefitter/Steamfitter
Apprentice Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Mechanic
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