K8-Unit – ART. 10: Promotions & Temporary Assignments

ARTICLE 10. Promotions & Temporary Assignments

A. When any permanent vacancy or new career job in the UCSB Skilled Craft unit is available, it shall be posted on the University’s online recruitment system for a period of two (2) weeks.

B. Employees desiring to be considered for a promotion or transfer opportunity in the UCSB Skilled Craft unit shall be considered if the y meet the minimum qualif ications for the position and complete the application process for the position. The candidate determined by management to be the best qualified for the vacant position shall be selected. Management will consider the objective of promotion or transfer of caree r employees in making its selection.

C. The University may temporarily assign an employee to perform all the functions in a higher level classification. If a temporary assignment is for more than 4 weeks (20 working days), then a stipend will be paid at the salary rate or within the salary range of the higher level position during the entire period of the temporary assignment. Stipends for temporary assignments are non-base-building. The maximum for a
temporary assignment is one year. Extensions may be approved by Human Resources up to a maximum of two years.

D. The Union agrees to cooperate with the University’s efforts to comply with legally mandated Affirmative Action obligations.

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