K8-Unit – ART. 9: Performance Evaluation

ARTICLE 9. Performance Evaluation

A. The performance of each non-probationary career employee shall be evaluated in writing annually in accordance with a process established by the University.

B. If an employee does not receive an annual evaluation of performance, he/she may request in writing that an evaluation be done. Upon request, an annual performance evaluation shall be provided within thirty (30) calendar days. If not provided, the employee shall be dee med to have performed satisfactorily.

C. A non-probationary career employee who receives a written performance evaluation with an overall rating of less–than-satisfactory may file a grievance pur suant to Article 23, Grievance Procedure. The remedy for such a grievance shall be limited to revision of the overall rating in question.

D. Disputes arising from this Article are exc luded from the Arbitration procedures in this Agreement.

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