K8-Unit – ART. 49: Reduced Fee Enrollment

ARTICLE 49. Reduced Fee Enrollment

A. General

A regular status employee who meets the admission requirements of the University is eligible for two-thirds reduction of both the University Regis tration Fee and the University Educational Fe e for up to nine units or three regular sess ion University cours es per quarter or semester, whichever is greater. An employee so registered is ineligible for the services and facilities of the Counseling Center, gymnasium, or the Student Health Service, other than those to which the employee may be otherwise entitled.

Applicability: All Staff Members

ARTICLE 50. Past Practice Not Covered by Agreement

A. Practices and policies relating to wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment in effect but not contemplated during negotiations over this Agreement may remain in effect insofar as they are not in conflict with this Agreement.

B. When the University proposes to change or eliminate the practices and/or policies referenced in Section A., above, the University w ill p rov ide the Union with at least 30 (thirty) calendar days written notice prior to the effective date of the change. The University will meet and discuss such change or elimination with the Union, following the Union’s timely request for a meeting. The University must receive the Union’s request to meet within 15 (fifteen) calendar days of the University’s notice. Application, elimination, or modification of these practices and policies following the meeting with the Union is not subject to the Grievance and Arbitration Articles of
this Agreement.

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