K8-Unit – ART. 48: Professional Development

ARTICLE 48. Professional Development

A. General
The University acknowledges and supports both career-related and job-related professional development activities. Department heads may support an employee’s request to participate in a training or professional development program by flexible or alternate work scheduling, leave without pay, leave at full or part pay, full or part payment of fees and expenses, and temporary or part-time reassignment in another department, provided that:

1. the employee has completed the probationary period, if required, and

2. the employee’s performance is satisfactory or better.

B. Required Training
When a department head requires an employee to attend a training or professional development program, the time spent in attendance shall be counted as time worked, and the full fees and related costs, i.e., materials, travel, and per diem, shall be paid by the department.

C. Professional Development Leave
A non-probationary, employee is eligible for up to 40 hours of paid release time per calendar year for job-related or University career-related training, except as described below. A part-time career employee’s yearly entitlement shall be prorated based on their appointment rate. A variable time employee’s yearly entitlement shall be prorated based on the average monthly hours worked in the previous six months. Training courses provided by the University shall be included in the 40 hours. Employee requests for professional development leave shall not be unreasonably denied.

Professional development leave must be scheduled according to staffing requirements.

An employee may be required to submit proof that they utilized paid release time for the approved class or program.

D. Professional and Continuing Education Discount
Regular status employees who are employed at least 50% time in career positions are eligible to receive a 25% discount for courses in the UC Santa Barbara Professional and Continuing Education Program. In addition, spouses, domestic partners (as defined by University employee benefit terms), parents, and children of eligible employees may receive a 15% discount. Changes to terms and eligibility requirements for the UC Santa Barbara Professional and Continuing Education Program that apply to all University employees and dependents shall also apply to skilled trades unit employees and their dependents.