K8-Unit – ART. 48: Professional Development

ARTICLE 48. Professional Development

A. General

Department heads may support an employee’s request to participate in a development program by flexible or alternate work scheduling, leave without pay, leave at full or part pay, full or part payment of fees and expenses, and temporary or part-time reassignment in another department, provided that:

1. the employee has completed the probationary period, if required, and
2. the employee’s performance is satisfactory or better.

RequirEd Program Attendance. When a department head requires an employee to attend a training or development program, the time spent in attendance shall be counted as time worked, and the full fees and related costs, i.e., materials, travel, and per diem, shall be paid by the department. Continuing education courses for the maintenance of State licenses which are a requirement for employment in the employe e ’s present position are not automatically considered professional development programs and do not necessarily qualify for fee reimbursement.

B. Professional Development Leave

Upon approval of the department head, a regular status employee whose performance is satisfactory or better may be granted leave at full or part pay to engage in educational or development activities which are consistent with the interests of the University and which are related to the employee’s position and/or the employee’s professional, technical or managerial skills. Approval must be obtained in advance of the leave in accordance with department procedures. The department head shall determine whether the program is job-related and shall approve the leave subject t to scheduling, staffing, and budget considerations.

Applicability: All Staff Members

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