K9 Unit – ART. 40: Shift Differential


  1. An employee who actually works an evening or night shift, in accordance with Article 7.F. Shifts, shall receive a $1.50 per hour shift differential pay in addition to his/her regular hourly rate of pay. Beginning July 1, 2017, the shift differential pay shall be increased to $1.60 per hour.
  2. Work that is scheduled during the evening or night hours on the basis of convenience to the employee shall not be considered an assigned evening or night shift for the purpose of this provision.
  3. A shift differential shall be paid when four (4) or more hours are worked outside of the regularly scheduled shift. The shift differential shall only apply to the hours worked outside of the regularly scheduled shift.
  4. When an employee who usually works on an evening or night shift is temporarily assigned to a day shift for a period of four working days or less, the employee shall continue to receive any shift differential. A temporary change of four working days or less in shift assignment initiated by the employee is not covered by this provision.
  5. The shift differential shall be included in payments for all types of paid leave, provided that the employee would have been expected to work that shift if the employee were not on paid leave.