KM Unit – APP. D: Enumeration of University Benefits




Medical Program – A variety of Health Maintenance Organizations  (HMOs) and fee-for- service plans are available to cover eligible  employees and their eligible family members. Choice of plans may  vary from location to location. Eligible part-time employees  appointed and paid by the University to work a specified minimum  appointment and average regular paid time may be covered by the  CORE major medical plan. The plan is available to the employee and  eligible family members. 

Dental Program – Dental plans are available to eligible employees.  Employees may cover themselves and their family members. 

Vision Program – A vision plan is available to eligible employees.  Employees may coverthemselves and their eligible familymembers. 

B. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RETIREMENT SYSTEM  University of California Retirement Plan 

Eligible employees covered by this Agreement shall be covered by  the University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP). The level of  required contributions to UCRP is determined annually by the Plan  actuary and theRegents. 

UC Retirement Savings Program 

  1. Tax-Deferred 403(b) Plan – Voluntary participation in the UCRS  Tax-Deferred 403(b) Plan is available to all University  employees except students who normally work less than twenty  (20) hours per week. The Plan provides a mix of internally and  externallymanaged investment options.

  2. 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan – Voluntary participation in  the UCRS 457(b) Plan is available, effective October 1, 2004, to  all University employees except students who normally work  less than twenty (20) hours per week. The Plan provides a mix of  internally and externallymanaged investment options.

  3. Pre-Tax/Safe Harbor Account – Employees who are not in a UC sponsored defined benefit retirement plan make mandatory  contributions of 7.5% of earnings up to the Social Security wage  base to the Pretax Account in lieu of paying the Old Age,  Survivors and Disability Insurance portion of Social Security taxes (Safe Harbor contributions). Although payroll reductions  default to the Savings Fund, participants are offered a mix  ofinternally and externallymanaged investment options.

  4. After Tax Account – Voluntary participation in the After-Tax  Account is available to all University employees except students  who normally work less than twenty (20) hours per week.  Payroll deductions may be invested in a mix of internally and externally managed investment options.


  1. University-Paid – Two University-Paid life insurance  plans—Basic Life and Core Life—provide basic life insurance  coverage. The amount varies, depending on your appointment  rate and average regular paid time. Eligible employees are  automatically covered by the plan for which they qualify.

  2. Supplemental – Optional life insurance and dependent life  insurance is available and may be purchased by eligible  employees. 


  1. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance – eligible  employees may purchase Optional AD&D insurance. A variety  of coverage and amounts are available to cover employees and  their eligible familymembers.

  2. Business Travel Accident Insurance – Employees who are  traveling on official University business are covered by $100,000 of accidental death and a scheduled dismemberment  insurance.

  3. Disability Insurance