KM-Unit: Merced Skilled Trades

JULY 1, 2020 – JUNE 30, 2023


Article 1 – Recognition

Article 2 – Classification and Reclassification

A. Classifications

B. Request for Classification Review

Article 3 – Definitions

A. Break in Service

B. Address of Record

C. Seniority

D. Rates of Pay

E. Classifications

F. Day

G. Year

H. Emergency

I. Official University Business

Article 4 – Nondiscrimination in Employment

Article 5 – Positions and Appointments

A. Career Appointments

B. Limited Appointments

Article 6 – Probationary Period

Article 7 – Performance Evaluations

Article 8 – Personnel Files

A. General Provisions

B. Request for Inspection

C. Rebuttal Statements

D. Grievance Files

E. Protections from Disclosure

F. Fees

G. Letters in File

H. Correction of File

Article 9 – Apprentices

A. Apprentices

Article 10 – Training and Development

A. General

B. Required Training

F. Approval

G. Leaves For Training

H. Disputes

I. Professional Development

Article 11 – Promotion and Transfer

A. Definitions

B. Recruitment and Posting

C. Selection

E. Promotion

F. Inter-campus Transfers

G. Interviews

H. Disputes

Article 12 – Hours of Work

A. Standard Work Week, and Work Shift

B. Meal Periods

C. Work Schedules: Shift Hours

D. Rest Periods

E. Clean-up Period

F. Call-Back Time

G. On-Call

H. Trading of Shifts

I. Temporary Work Location

Article 13 – Uniforms, Tools, and Equipment

A. Uniforms

B. Laundering

C. Tools

Article 14 – Overtime

A. Definition

B. Compensation

C. Scheduling Compensatory Time Off

D. Scheduling of Overtime

E. Distribution of Overtime

F. No Pyramiding of Overtime

G. Overtime Meals

Article 15 – Shift Differential

A. Shift Differential

Article 16 – Holidays

A. Eligibility For Holiday Pay

B. Holidays Observed

C. Holidays on Saturday or Sunday

D. Compensation for Holiday Work

E. Alternate Full-Time Work Schedule

F. Special or Religious Holidays

Article 17 – Vacations

A. Definitions

B. Eligibility to Earn Vacation

C. Qualifying Service to Determine Vacation Credit Earning Rates

D. Vacation Credit Earning Rates

E. Vacation Credit

F. Accrual of Vacation

G. Waiting Period to Take Vacation

H. Scheduling of Vacation

I. Transfer of Vacation

J. Terminal Vacation Pay

Article 18 – Sick Leave


B. Definitions

C. Eligibility

D. Accrual

E. Use Of Sick Leave

F. Bereavement Leave

G. Transfer and Reinstatement of Sick Leave

H. Conversion of Sick Leave Upon Retirement

Article 19 – Work-Incurred Injury or Illness


B. Use of Accrued Sick Leave and Vacation

C. Extended Sick Leave

D. Leave Without Pay

E. Family and Medical Leave

F. Right to Representation

G. Separation

Article 20 – Medical Separation


B. Basis for Separation

C. Notices

D. Special Reemployment Procedures

Article 21 – Reasonable Accommodation

A. General Provisions

B. Interactive Process

C. Medical Documentation

D. Trial Employment

E. Special Selection for Other Positions

Article 22 – Leaves of Absence

A. General Provisions

B. Benefit Eligibility

C. Pay Status

D. Requests for Leave

F. Return to Work

G. Personal Leave

H. Pregnancy Disability Leave

I. Family Care and Medical Leave

1. Definitions

2. General Provisions

2. For the Employee’s Family Member

3. Return to Work

4. Use of Accrued Paid Leave

5. Duration

6. Continuation of Health Benefits

7. Deferral or Denial of Family Care Leave Requests

8. Review of Denials or Deferrals of Family Care Leave Requests

J. Disability Leaves other than FMLA/CFRA/Pregnancy Leave

A. Jury Duty/Grand Jury Duty

B. Witness Leave

C. Blood Donations

D. Community Service Leave

Article 23 – Resignation and Job Abandonment

A. Resignation

B. Job Abandonment

Article 24 – Military Leave

General Provisions

A. Eligibility for Pay and Benefits

B. Temporary Military Leave for Active-Duty Training

C. Extended Military Leave

D. Extended Military Leave

E. Emergency National Guard Leave

F. Physical Examination

G. Reinstatement

H. Military Caregiver Leave

I. Qualifying Exigency Leave

J. Military Spouse/Domestic Partner Leave

Article 25 – Discipline and Dismissal

A. Right to Discipline and Dismissal

B. Types of Discipline

C. Investigatory Leave

D. Notice of Intent

E. Response to Notice

F. Skelly Hearing

G. Grievance Procedure

H. Removal of Written Warnings

I. Written Warnings

J. Oral Warning & Plan of Improvement:

Article 26 – Grievance Procedure

A. Definition, Eligibility, Consolidation, and Representation

1. Definition

2. Eligibility.

3. Consolidation.

4. Representation.

B. Procedure

1. Informal Review – Employee’s Immediate Supervisor

2. Department Review – Department Head or Designee

3. Human Resources Review

4. Waiver.

6. Pay Status

C. Resolution

D. Mediation/Arbitration

Article 27 – Arbitration Procedure

A. Request for Arbitration

B. Selection of Arbitrators

C. Arbitration Procedure

D. Decision and Remedy

E. Release Time and Pay Status

Article 28 – Layoff and Reduction in Time


B. Definitions

C. Minimization of Indefinite Layoff

D. Temporary Layoff and Temporary Reduction in Time

E. Indefinite Layoff and Indefinite Reduction in Time

F. Reemployment from Indefinite Layoff

G. Duration of Recall and Preference Rights

H. Termination of Right to Recall and Preference

I. Acceptance of Employment

J. Service Upon Reemployment

K. General Effect on Benefits

L. Merced 2020

Article 29 – Joint Health and Safety Committee

A. Establishment of Committee

B. Composition of Committee

C. Meetings of Committee

D. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Logs

Article 30 – Health and Safety

A. Safety

B. Protective Clothing and Equipment

C. Safety Training

D. Disputes

Article 31 – Miscellaneous Provisions

A. Absences

B. Lie Detector (Polygraph) Tests

C. Licenses and Certificates of Competence

D. Mileage Reimbursement

Article 32 – Parking

Article 33 – Insurance and Retirement Benefits

Article 34 – Death Payments

A. Death Payments

B. Eligible Employee

C. Eligible Dependent

D. Employee Earnings

Article 35 – Dues DeductionsNext page›

A. Dues Deduction and Agency Shop Fee

1. Dues Deduction

2. Agency Shop Fee.

3. Exemption from the Agency Shop Fee.

4. Check Processing.

5. Indemnification.

B. Union Security

C. Financial Report

D. Severability

Article 36 – Labor-Management Relations

Article 37 – Bargaining Unit Work

Article 38 – Sub-Contracting

Article 39 – Union Rights

A. Union Access

B. Bulletin Boards

C. Use of University Facilities and University Equipment

D. Union Stewards

E. No Reprisals for Union Activity

F. Release Time for Meet and Confer

G. Leave of Absence for Union Business

H. New Orientation Packets

Article 40– Management Rights

Article 41 – No Strike /No Lockout

Article 42 – Waiver

Article 43 – Severability

Article 44 – Wages

Article 45 – Duration

Article 46 – Out-of-Class Assignment

Appendix A – Execution of Agreement

Appendix B – Memorandum of the Negotiators

Appendix C – Wage Increases Schedule

Appendix D – Enumeration of University Benefits

Appendix E – Safety Glasses Procedure

Appendix F – Safety Shoe Process/Notification

Appendix G – Safety Lockout Acknowledgment

Appendix H – Compensatory Time Off (CTO) Election Form

Appendix I – Grievance Form

Appendix J – Job Family

Appendix K – Maintenance Mechanic Class Concept, Discussion During Negotiations

Side Letter – Brady Amaral

Side Letter – Health and Welfare Benefits

Side Letter – Holiday Pay: Alternative Work Schedules