KM Unit – Sideletter – Health and Welfare Benefits


University of California and State Employees Trades Council-United

1. The University’s Office of the President and the Union agree to meet no less than twice per calendar year to discuss changes, if any, to the University’s health and welfare benefit programs. Such meeting shall occur in advance of the’ University’s annual open enrollment period and will be rotated between the three Southern campuses. The parties may agree to hold these meetings via conference call and webinar in lieu of an “in-person” meeting.

2. In order to effectuate this meet-and-discuss process, the University will provide written notice and any information available at that time to SETC-United as soon as practicable but in no event later than sixty (60) days prior to the effective date of the proposed changes. Both parties agree to meet and discuss within fifteen (15) calendar days of the written notice.

3. The University shall provide up to four (4) hours of paid release time for up to for four (4) bargaining unit employees to participate in the meeting described herein. If the meeting is held at another location, which is not the home location of the bargaining unit employee, up to four additional hours may be granted for the purpose of travel.

4. This side letter supersedes previous side letters on Health and Welfare at individual locations, if any.