KM Unit – ART. 16: Holidays


A. Eligibility For Holiday Pay 

  1. Full-time employees in career positions shall be eligible for  holiday pay in accordance with the following conditions:
    1. An employee shall receive holiday pay if on pay status on  their last scheduled work day before the holiday and on the  first scheduled work day following the holiday.
    2. A new or rehired employee shall receive pay for any holiday  immediately preceding their first day of work provided the  holiday is the first working day(s) of the month.
    3. A continuing employee who is on approved leave without  pay, temporary layoff, or furlough for a period of not more  than twenty (20) calendar days, including holidays, shall receive pay for any holiday occurring in that period.
    4. A terminating employee shall receive pay for any holiday  immediately following their last day of work provided the holiday is the last working day(s) of the month.
  1. A full-time employee in a limited position and any part-time  employee shall receive proportionate holiday pay up to a  maximum of eight (8) hours per holiday based on hours on pay  status, excluding holiday hours, over one-half (1/2) of the full time working hours of the month or quadri-weekly cycle.  Holiday pay is not granted for a holiday that occurs before the  first day of work for a new or rehired employee or after the last  day of work for a terminating employee.
  1. No employee shall receive holiday pay for any holiday which is  immediately preceded by or followed by an unauthorized  absence, or a suspension for disciplinary reasons. 

B. Holidays Observed 

The following days shall be granted as  holidays:  

New Year’s Day 

Martin Luther King’s Birthday 

President’s Day 

Cesar Chavez Day as designated by the Chancellor (last Friday in March)  

Memorial Day  

Independence Day  

Labor Day  

Veterans’ Day  

Thanksgiving Day 

Day after Thanksgiving  

Christmas Eve  

Christmas Day New  

Year’s Eve 

Holidays are considered to extend over a twenty-four (24) hour  period, but no employee may receive more than eight (8) hours of  holiday pay for each holiday. 

C. Holidays on Saturday or Sunday 

When a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is observed  as a holiday. When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding  Friday is observed as a holiday unless an alternative day is  designated by the President of the University.

D. Compensation for Holiday Work 

When an employee’s work schedule requires them to work on an  observed holiday the employee shall be paid at the normal rate or at  the rate of one and one-half (1-1/2) times the regular hourly rate after  forty (40) hours worked in a normal work week. Such employee(s)  shall also receive eight (8) hours holiday pay at their base rate. 

E. Alternate Full-Time Work Schedule 

An employee on an alternate full-time work schedule shall be entitled  to the same number of holidays and the same number of paid holiday  hours as are granted to regularly scheduled employees. An employee  whose regular day off falls on a holiday observed by the University  shall receive eight (8) hours holiday pay at their base rate, and shall  have the option of electing either: 

  1. Alternate day off, and use compensatory time or vacation time  to offset the difference between eight hours of holiday pay and  the regular work shift; or                                                                                    
  2. Alternate day off, and work additional hours to offset the 40- hour work week, e.g., work additional hours on a regular work  shift; or                                                                                                                             
  3. Work additional hours on the business day succeeding the  holiday and take the remainder of the day off; or                                                                                                                                                                        
  4. Revert back to an eight (8) hour work shift for the week in which  there will be a holiday. 

The alternate day off shall be immediately preceding or succeeding  a holiday. 

Employees shall provide to their immediate supervisor a written  selection every three (3) months. If the employee desires to make a  change to their selection, they shall provide advance written notice  to their immediate supervisor. The written selection shall include the  employee’s selection and identify the alternate day of, if applicable. 

  1. Notice provision stipulated in Article 12, Hours of Work,  Section C, Work Schedules: Shift Hours, Subsection 8, shall not  apply to schedule changes as a result of a Holiday.                                               
  2. This section shall not apply to Central Plant staff (Plant Operators and Stationary Engineers).                  

F. Special or Religious Holidays 

An employee may observe a special or religious holiday, provided  work schedules permit and provided that the time off is charged to  accrued vacation, accrued compensatory time, if any, or is without  pay.