KM Unit – Sideletter – Brady Amaral


During the course of negotiations, the Union proposed that both Brady Amaral and Carlos Pena be moved from their respective Level1 positions to LevelII. Effective December, 2015, Carlos Pena met the requirements of the Level II Locksmith and was re-classified as a LevelII Locksmith. Brady Amaral currently lacks all of the required certificates and requirements for the position of Water Distribution Mechanic II.

However, the parties agree that his base hourly rate of pay will, upon the effective date of the new Agreement, (i.e., the first full payroll period following the execution of Appendix B to the new agreement, the Memorandum of Negotiators), be increased by$.50 before first 4% across-the-board increase. Thereafter, he shall receive all of the other across-the-board increases provided for in Article 44 of the new agreement, including the percentage increases negotiated for July 1, 2016 and in each succeeding year through and including July 1, 2019. Further, the parties agree that after Brady Amaral provides evidence that he has obtained the required certificates and meets the requirements for the Water Distribution Mechanic II, he will be eligible for re-classification into the higher classification and that the Director of Physical Plant will recommend that he be re-classified.