KM Unit – ART. 13: Uniforms, Tools, and Equipment


A. Uniforms 

Uniforms are attire, excluding shoes, which are worn for the purpose  of ready visual identification of personnel when provided. The  University shall have the sole discretion to determine who shall wear  a uniform and the conditions under which it must be worn.  Employees shall wear the uniform and maintain a proper appearance  as specified by the University. If uniforms are required, the  University shall provide and maintain clothing for each employee in  accordance with current departmental practice. Uniforms shall be  worn solely for University business.

B. Laundering 

  1. Uniform laundering shall be the responsibility of the University.  Employees are required to use the Laundry service unless  otherwise specified. 

C. Joint Labor Management Committee 

Employees shall be given the opportunity to provide feedback  regarding uniform changes at Labor Management meetings  scheduled in accordance with Article 36-Labor Management  Relations.

D. Tools 

The University shall provide to bargaining unit employees the tools  and equipment required to perform their assigned duties. Broken  tools and equipment shall be returned to the employee’s supervisor  and the University will provide the employee with replacement tools,  as appropriate, within a reasonable period of time. The University  agrees to establish an inventory of tools and equipment assigned to  each employee for which they have personal responsibility.  Providing that management has provided a means to secure such  tools and equipment, the employee shall reimburse the University for  any tools and equipment lost or damaged due to negligence while  such are assigned to/provided to that employee and/or at the time of  their separation from employment.

E. Vehicle Tracking 

  1. The University shall not use data from the Event Data Recorder  (EDR) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) devices as the  sole reason for discipline.                                                                                
  2. Employees may use vehicles during lunches when working off  campus with supervisor approval.