KM Unit – ART. 46: Out-Of-Class Assignment


A. An employee who is temporarily assigned to perform all the duties  on a full-time basis of a position in a classification with a salary rate  higher than the employee’s regular appointment for eleven (11)  consecutive working days or more shall be considered to be in an  out-of-class assignment. The employee shall be paid at the rate  commencing on the twelfth (12th) working day in the out-of-class  assignment in accordance with section B.

B. Commencing on the twelfth (12th) working day in the out-of-class  assignment, the employee shall be paid for all hours worked in the  out-of-class assignment at either two salary steps over their regular  salary or the minimum of the higher position’s range or whichever is  higher. Such out of class pay shall be at least four (4) percent above  employee’s regular salary. 

C. The period of the out-of-class assignments will not exceed twelve  (12) months unless an extension is mutually agreed to by the Union  and Management. After twelve (12) months if it is deemed that a  vacancy exists the vacancy shall be filled in accordance with Article 

D. An out-of-class assignment requires prior approval of the Department  Head. 

E. During an out-of-class assignment the employee remains covered by  the collective bargaining agreement. 

F. An employee who is temporarily assigned to perform the duties of a  position in a class with the same or lower salary rate than the  employee’s regular appointment shall continue to receive the  employee’s regular rate of pay. 

G. Disputes arising out of this article may only be reviewed through step  two of Article 26, Grievance Procedure.