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Memorandum of Understanding

1. California State University is the preeminent provider of high quality, affordable education in California and a critical engine of our state’s economy. The Teamster skilled trades workers of Unit 6 provide the critical services necessary to maintain CSU’ s infrastructure. At many of our campuses, the utilities infrastructure is obsolete, built more than a half century ago, and in need of upgrade or replacement. The continued use of antiquated facilities impedes the educational opportunities of students, the CSU’ s ability to attract and retain faculty and staff, and any interruptions, shutdowns, or failures in any of the infrastructure areas will impede our ability to provide educational services in a safe environment for students, faculty and staff.

2. Therefore, the CSU and Teamsters Local 2010 agree to coordinate and cooperate in joint efforts to attain adequate funding from the state to support the critical educational mission of CSU, including funding necessary to address the significant backlog of deferred maintenance and provide adequate staffing in the CSU system.