Huge Turnout at October Trainings

Over 150 Leaders Attend Stewards Training in October

The year is winding down but our Union shows no signs of stopping, as we continue to grow in power and strength.  After adding over 1,400 new skilled trades members just months ago, we held our biggest Steward Training yet, with over 150 members attending in Northern and Southern California, including over 75 skilled trades members.

“Our Local Union has some of the best stewards in the movement,” said Jason Rabinowitz, Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer. “Not only are they well trained, but they have an unwavering commitment to building member power.  Having a packed house at both our trainings confirms that our Union is on the right track.”

Trainings were held in our Statewide office in Oakland, CA on October 17-18 and our Southern California offices in Bellflower on October 26-27.

“It was wonderful having so many new and seasoned stewards eager to learn,” said Catherine Cobb, Local 2010 President.  “You could feel the energy as everyone exchanged experiences and learned from each other; everyone united in helping their fellow worker.”

Our October Stewards Trainings were the first to include the SETC skilled trades workers from the UC and CSU system since their affiliation with Local 2010 in September.

“There was an undeniable sense of pride in the room,” said Jon Kramer, Plumber at UCLA.  “No matter our background or profession, every person in that room was a Teamster.”

Our leaders began the first day learning the fundamentals of unionism and the role stewards play in the workplace.  Our advanced course was taught on the second day with our leaders learning tactics and strategy to win fairness on the job.

“Union Stewards are crucial in protecting the rights of our members,” said Joshua Gillespie, Electrician at Sonoma State University.  “With trainings such as these, I know we will be ready to take on whatever management throws at us.”

Thank you to everyone who came out for our Stewards Trainings.  Your dedication will help thousands of workers across California.