UCLA Workers March on Chancellor

UCLA Workers

UCLA Workers March on Chancellor, Demand Accountability Amidst Layoffs

UCLA workers, students and community members continued their protests on Friday, April 20 by delivering hundreds of signatures to the office of the Chancellor Gene Block, demanding accountability for UCLA Extension where plans were announced to eliminate 25% of the workforce, hurting hundreds of workers and their families.

“It’s hard to even think about,” said Teresa Velez, Enrollment Specialist of 18 years. “Many of us have families that we support.”

The drastic cuts come in an effort to close an $8 million deficit, which employees say results from frivolous spending by UCLA Extension Dean Wayne Smutz on high-priced consulting firms and an internal service system whose malfunctions, coupled with student fee hikes, have caused a drop in enrollment.

“It’s tough not to feel like we are being punished for something that is out of our hands,” said Perry Collins, Enrollment Specialist of 30 years. “We dedicate our lives to the students of UCLA yet we are the ones feeling the devastating impact.”

Community members held a protest last month at the UC Board of Regents meeting opposing the layoffs and calling for accountability of UCLA administrators.

Thank you to everyone who came out in support of the worker at UNEX. We will continue to fight to protect the jobs of our members.