Leaders Strengthen Skills at Stewards Training

Stewards Training Builds Teamster Leaders

More than 40 leaders packed the room of our two-day Northern California Stewards Training in Oakland, CA where they built their knowledge and skills to protect and empower our members in the workplace.

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The training began on Thursday, October 4, where attendees learned the fundamentals of being a steward and how pivotal the role is to our Union. On the second day, our stewards delved into more depth on challenging scenarios and hands-on training from marching on the boss to conducting a Skelly hearing.

“Everyone in the room was inspired, excited, and passionate about the training,” said Catherine Cobb, Local 2010 President. “Our stewards are up for the challenge of building member power and protecting our workplace rights.”

Throughout the training, presentations on critical topics in representation were mixed with breakout groups and roleplays to ensure everyone had a chance to learn and participate.

“The training was super beneficial to equip us with the best tools to be a liaison with management and best represent members,” said Jennifer Taylor, UC Merced Communications Assistant.

Local 2010 leaders took part in leading presentations and workshops to pass on their knowledge and experience to our Stewards.

“I have a newfound security in documenting things in the workplace,” said Shelby Bult, UC Davis Administrative Assistant. “I feel more protected in my own rights and in answering members’ questions.”

Thank you to all of our attendees for taking the time to build yourselves as leaders and stand up for your co-workers. If you are a Southern California member, be sure to register for Southern California Stewards Training by clicking here.