Vote for your IBT Officers this October!

Vote for Our New IBT Leaders this October!

This fall, every Teamsters member will have the chance to vote for the officers who will lead the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. IBT elections are held every five years, and this year’s election is more important than ever because Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa is stepping down after his many years of service.

Candidates for each the entire General Executive Board, including General President, Secretary-Treasurer, International Trustees and International Vice Presidents, were nominated by our Teamsters delegates at the IBT International Convention in June. You can learn more about all the candidates at or in the IBT’s Spring 2021 Magazine. A debate between the two candidates for General President, Steve Vairma and Sean O’Brien, will be held later this summer.

Ballots will be mailed to each Teamsters member in good standing starting October 4, with ballots accepted for counting until November 15. The winners of each office will be declared when counting is complete. More information about the election and the election timeline can be found at

This election is vital to the future of the Teamsters, so read up on all the candidates and be sure to vote by mail in October. Our voices matter, and our votes count!