UCSD Teamsters: Earn $150 by joining the UCSD Trolley Study!

UCSD’s TROLLEY (TRansit Opportunities for HeaLth, Livability, Exercise, and EquitY) research study is closing its recruitment period soon! The study is being conducted to understand how travel behaviors and health may change as we return to campus after COVID-19.

Eligible UCSD employees who participate may earn up to $150! Already taken the study survey? Refer other UCSD employees who have not yet participated and you can earn a $5 gift card for every UCSD staff person (students and faculty not eligible) who completes the study screener and mentions your name! (Maximum of 10 referrals/$50)

This is an important study to help improve commute options for UCSD workers and is a great opportunity for Teamsters to provide critical data and feedback.