Sacramento Bee asks: Where are Teamsters’ Salary Steps?

Our fight for salary steps at the CSU is getting statewide attention. The Sacramento Bee published two articles today, March 22, on Local 2010’s work with our fellow CSU Unions to restore salary steps for CSU support staff, including 1,100 Unit 6 Skilled Trades Teamsters, and bring back a living wage at the CSU!

"...'We’re in the business of putting fires out now,' Valdez said, 'and waiting for things to break.' Tony Valdez, who’s been a Sacramento State employee for 13 years, rushes to another assignment as a building service engineer last month. He says because of a shortage of workers, he oversees heating and cooling in about 14 buildings on campus instead of the initial seven he used to manage."

Teamsters members spoke with the Sacramento Bee about the struggle of surviving on CSU’s current low-ball wages, and our determination to win real salary steps for all CSU support staff. “We’ve waited long enough this time,” said Matt Mason, a Sacramento State Teamster and Unit 6 Union Steward, to the Bee“and we want to restore fairness here at the CSU.”

Teamsters sticker up across the state!

Our Teamsters sticker day on Tuesday was a huge success, with Unit 6 Teamsters stickering up for salary steps across the CSU system! From Chico to San Diego, Humboldt to Long Beach, we told CSU leaders loud and clear: Step up or strike out!

See photos from sticker day, plus photos of CSU Bargaining Team members’ testimony to the CSU Trustees on Tuesday, at the link below!