Teamsters Win Two State Rulings Against CSU and UC!

Teamsters Local 2010 notched more wins in our ongoing fight to protect workers’ rights in the face of UC and CSU’s patterns of unfair labor practices. The California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) issued two recent decisions in favor of Teamsters upholding our rights to picket and to place magnetic bumper stickers on University vehicles.

CSU Teamsters Guaranteed the Right to Picket!

In December 2021, Teamsters rallied at SDSU to protest CSU’s unreasonable delays at the bargaining table as our CSU Bargaining Team worked to secure raises for the 2020-21 fiscal year.
SDSU campus police officers approached Skilled Trades Teamsters during our picketing action and ordered us to get rid of the wooden pickets attached to our picket signs. When workers defended our right to picket on campus grounds, SDSU police insisted that the wooden pickets were banned by campus policy and forced workers to remove the sticks. Teamsters immediately filed a complaint against CSU with PERB.
PERB ruled in Teamsters’ favor, stating clearly that CSU acted illegally when it forced Teamsters workers to break down our picket signs. The ruling orders that CSU must cease and desist from interfering with our legal right to picket and post the PERB decision at all CSU Unit 6 campus work locations.

UCSD Teamsters have the Right to Display Union Magnets on Trucks!

Teamsters achieved another PERB win against UC San Diego in October, after University management ordered Electrician and Teamsters 2010 Trustee Eduardo Rosales to remove his Teamsters Local 2010 magnet from his University vehicle. Our Union immediately filed a case against the University and won! Every Teamster has a right to display our Union logo in the workplace, even if your “office” is a truck! Our Teamsters pride won’t be suppressed!