State Arbitrator Agrees: CSU Salary System Has ‘Very Adversely’ Impacted Skilled Trades Workers

Teamsters and CSU to Return to Bargaining Table today as Union gears up for Strike next week

Following fact-finding sessions with our Teamsters Bargaining Team and the CSU, a state-appointed arbitrator issued a report Jan. 15, agreeing with Teamsters that the CSU’s decades-long refusal to provide salary steps has “very adversely impacted employees.” The arbitrator concluded that “…it should be a high priority for the CSU to move on implementing a complete fix to the structure” and the university system should “not try to accomplish it piecemeal.”

In the wake of the Factfinding Report, and days before our scheduled strike, CSU has agreed to return to the bargaining table with our Teamsters team today, Jan. 18, after weeks of refusing to meet. Our team is ready to bargain in good faith for the fair contract our members deserve, and we urge the CSU to do the same. Meanwhile, our members are gearing up and prepared to strike next week in unity with California Faculty Association.

The Factfinder’s report is advisory to the CSU Board of Trustees, who may accept, reject or modify it. Therefore, it is up to us as Teamsters to win our fair contract by showing our strength as we have done through our strikes in November and December, and our planned strike next week.

“The arbitrator’s findings on the adverse impact of the salary system for CSU Teamsters confirms what we have long known: CSU’s pay structure is broken and has led to stagnant wages for hardworking Teamsters who do the essential work that keeps the university running. Workers are fed up with unfair treatment and we’re prepared to strike again next week, along with faculty, to shut CSU down until they’re ready to bargain in good faith for the contracts we deserve. No contract, no school!”

Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer

As a result of decades of being denied step increases, 82% of CSU skilled trades workers are trapped below the median of their salary ranges, even after decades of service. Our pay significantly lags comparable skilled trades worker pay at other public entities in California.

Teamsters called for a strike last month following the CSU’s repeated refusal to bargain in good faith and treat workers with respect. The CSU has also committed various unfair labor practices, including interfering with workers’ rights to engage in union activities, and threatening retaliation for participating in our strike actions. The week-long strike will coincide with the start of spring semester at many CSU campuses. 

You can read the factfinder’s report here, and our Union response by Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz here.