K9 Unit – APP. H: Memorandum of Understanding Joint Apprenticeship Committee and Workforce Development Planning





Joint Apprenticeship Committee

The State Employees Trades Council–United (SETC) and the University of California, Irvine (University) agree to establish a Joint Labor/Management Apprenticeship Committee (JAC) comprised of three (3) representatives of each party.  Each party shall be responsible for identifying their respective representatives by no later than July 30, 2105. The JAC shall work to reach agreement on the following:


  1. individual trades classifications that will have apprenticeship programs,
  2. specific on-the-job and classroom training requirements for each apprenticeship,
  3. any other issues deemed necessary by the State Division of Apprenticeship in order to achieve certification of the UCI Trades Apprenticeship program.

All matters that are mandatory subjects of bargaining pursuant to HEERA related to the UCI Trades Apprenticeship program shall be determined in collective bargaining.  The parties may elect to accomplish these bargaining obligations through the deliberations of the JAC.

Workforce Development Planning & Collaborative with Irvine Valley College

The parties further agree that it is their mutual interest that sufficient ongoing professional development opportunities are made available to the University’s Skilled Trades workforce.  Accordingly, both the SETC and the University are committed to working together to ensure that our Skilled Trades workforce is fully equipped to continue to provide for the outstanding ongoing maintenance of campus building and related facilities, even as the information technology components of such maintenance evolve.

In an effort to accomplish these goals, the parties agree to work with Irvine Valley College (IVC) to complete the development of course curricula that will be used to provide this critical training.  It is anticipated that the courses will include, but not be limited to, curricula for a Commercial/Industrial Advanced Automation Controls Program.

Once the courses have been established and are offered at IVC, any compensation provided to employees for program completion shall be determined in collective bargaining pursuant to HEERA.



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