K9 Unit – ART. 10: Promotions, Transfers


A. Recruitment announcements of open positions shall be posted electronically at jobs.uci.edu for a period of ten (10) calendar days.  A printed copy of Facilities Management open SETC – United positions will be available at the local Facilities Management Human Resources office.  SETC-United and the Chief Steward will be notified when there is a change in the recruitment link.

B. When two (2) or more employees are the final candidates for a promotion or lateral transfer within the unit and are judged by the University to possess equal qualifications for the position, seniority will be the deciding factor for selection.

C. Lateral Transfer   

If a bargaining unit opening in another department is posted, any qualified employee may request a lateral transfer to that position.  If an employee requests such a transfer and possesses the skills required, the transfer will be effected. Lateral transfers under this Article shall not normally result in a reduction in base compensation.

D. Employees who are selected for promotion or transfer from the campus to the medical center or from the medical center to the campus, shall give management ten (10) calendar days’ notice of such transfer or promotion.

E. The Union agrees to cooperate with the University’s effort to comply with state and federal affirmative action guidelines.

F. Disputes arising from this Article may only be reviewed through Step 2 of the grievance procedure.

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