K9 Unit – ART. 21: Subcontracting


A. University management reserves the right to subcontract unit work, including work which has been subcontracted in the past.

B. The University shall provide electronically to the Union and the Chief Steward, a quarterly summary of Brief Form subcontracted work which is funded by the state of California Operations and Maintenance of Plant Budget and is less than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) in total, or painting work which is less than twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000) in total. A copy of the list will be posted at the relevant location.

C. The University agrees to notify the Union at least forty five (45) calendar days in advance of its intent to subcontract any unit work which would result in the layoff of unit employees, and shall meet and confer upon request regarding the subcontracting of such unit work. If agreement is not reached, the University may implement its decision.

D. The University and the Union agree that any concerns the Union may have about subcontracted work as referenced in Section A above may be added to the agenda of the parties’ quarterly labor-management meeting pursuant to the provisions of Article 33 of this Agreement.

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