UC Proposes Insufficient Pay Ranges for PN2s

As you know, we are currently bargaining the contract for our job title. Title-specific negotiations with the UC include all the stuff that is not explicit in the CX contract. As of today, we have had three bargaining sessions for the PN2 title. Teamsters have proposed pay step structures, shift differential and additional step increases for all campuses.

We patiently waited three sessions for the University’s proposals for each campus, and the university has finally given us proposals for all UC medical center campuses. Unfortunately, the PN2 bargaining team has found issue with the following parts of the University’s proposals:

1. The University’s wage proposals are insufficient. Although some campuses offered reasonable step structures (like UCSF), most did not. At UC Davis, for example, the University proposed the highest step be capped at $32.82—which includes the 6% increase we received. Teamsters argued that this cap red circles at least eight employees who will never receive a step increase. Additionally, $32.82 is about $4.00 less than the previously established scale maximum of $36, yet our expenses have not decreased. At the low end, the University’s starting rate proposal for UCDMC is 7% lower than our current Union proposal. Our Union Bargaining Team members believe the UC should accept our proposals which give step increases to all employees in the title.

2. The University is stalling the effective date of October 21, 2022, for shift differential, arguing that payment of shift differential should be left to the discretion of each campus and that not all titles or campuses should receive it. Although the newly established CX contract sets shift differential for medical centers at $1.25/hr, it also states we must establish the differential for each title at the title-specific bargaining table if shift differential was not previously established. The university maintains that not all campuses agree to differential. However, Teamsters maintains there are no grounds to offer shift differential to some titles or campuses and not others, and, if you meet the qualifications by working at the times established for shift differential in the CX contract, you should get the differential.

3. The university has not included additional step increases in their proposal, despite our Union proposal for two steps. Historically, newly accreted titles get at least one step increase in their title-specific contract. Our recent 6% cost-of-living allowance (COLA) does not account for the actual increase in the cost of living (which is 7%) nor does it reflect the equity gained from work experience under this new title. To address this, our Union team proposed that the UC merely follow precedent and give PN2s a well-earned step increase upon ratification.

We need all PN2s to take action to ensure we get a fair step structure, shift differential and step increases. The UC needs to see that we, as Teamsters, are aware that what the university proposes is not fair for us and that we do not agree. Here’s how you can help:

You can also show you support the contract proposals made by our Patient Navigator Bargaining Team by displaying a table tent on your desk or using a Teamsters background during your online meetings. Displaying Union support in your workspace is a legally protected activity so you can proudly display your Teamsters support!

Click here to download a Patient Navigator table tent or Zoom background.

Our Teamsters bargaining presentation showed the UC how the majority of PN2s are below the middle of the UC's salary range due to the fact that there is no set way for workers to move through the pay steps.