CSU Makes Another Inadequate Salary Proposal

During our last bargaining session on July 18-19, our Teamsters Unit 6 Bargaining Team passed the CSU a comprehensive counterproposal on Article 24 – Salary that continued to propose fair raises for our members’ essential work, while making continued movement toward reaching a deal. During our latest bargaining session on August 8-9, the CSU responded with a salary proposal that changed one single item in the entire article from their prior proposal.

Specifically, the CSU has now proposed a 4% General Salary Increase (GSI) in the current fiscal year 2023/24, a 1% increase in the raise over their prior proposal. With raises that CSU had already proposed for the next two years, this means CSU is now offering a 3-year proposal with a 4% raise this year, a 3.2% on average raise next year from placement on their proposed salary step structure, and a 3.8% on average raise resulting from a 2% GSI and a step increase in the following year.

While this is movement, it is wholly inadequate given the lack of any other changes in the article. The proposed raise for this year is half what inflation has been recently and less than what CSU has offered another Union’s bargaining unit. CSU also continues to propose massive takeaways on emergency pay and in-range progressions (IRPs).

Join our actions at CSU campus move-in days across the state this month to let the CSU know that our essential work deserves more than insulting, low-ball salary proposals!

“The CSU doesn’t appreciate or understand our work, and throwing around these little percentage changes is infuriating. If the CSU respects what we do, then they need to stop just saying it and actually do something to show it.”