Our solidarity has never been stronger.

Labor Day celebrates the power of workers, our movement, and our fight. This year, we have never been more inspired by that fight.

Across the country, workers are realizing our power and redefining what a ‘good job’ means. 340,000 of our Teamsters brothers and sisters at UPS won a history-making contract this summer, with huge gains in salary and job protections. 180,000+ actors and writers are on strike, fighting for the future of our entertainment industry. 150,000 UAW autoworkers in Detroit are prepared to walk off the job if they don’t see major improvements to their contract. From the largest employers in our country to the smallest, all the way from the City of Los Angeles  to a night club in Chicago, workers are demanding a new kind of social contract. We refuse to settle for what the bosses think we’re worth.

Here at the UC and CSU, Teamsters power grows every year. More than 1,100 new UC Teamsters joined our Union this summer, added to our CX Unit following a state ruling, and we’ve secured major contracts for UC Merced Skilled TradesUC Davis Skilled Trades (their first Teamsters contract!) and UC Patient Navigators. At the CSU, our fight to finally secure fair pay for CSU staff has the bosses firmly on the back foot. United with our fellow CSU Unions to form a coalition 60,000 workers strong, we’re committed to making CSU live up to its own public service values—CSU Teamsters and our fellow workers must be paid the salaries we deserve. 

This Labor Day, we applaud the unwavering commitment, dedication, and resilience that each one of you bring to your respective workspaces every day.  Your steady support and solidarity have made Local 2010 stronger while allowing us to achieve these many outstanding victories in protecting and improving workers’ rights, workplace conditions and overall fair treatment for union members.

As we continue to enforce our contracts and fight for even better ones, Local 2010 remains united with our fellow workers across California and across the country. By supporting Teamsters truck drivers fighting driverless vehicles, Los Angeles hospitality workers fighting for livable wages, and healthcare workers fighting to support patients at Kaiser Permanente, we support every American worker. Our Union uplifts all Unions, and we could not be more proud to be members of Local 2010 today. 

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, whether celebrating at home, with friends, or marching in the streets. Together, our solidarity is unstoppable.

In Solidarity,