UC San Diego K6 Skilled Trades Contract Negotiations

Teamsters K6 Bargaining Team

Eduardo Rosales             erosales@ucsd.edu
Lee Fernandes                 l1fernandes@ucsd.edu
Herman Ricks                   hricks@ucsd.edu

Generoso Ventura           gventura@ucsd.edu
Greg Montoya                  gmontoya@ucsd.edu
Tom Insel                          tinsel@ucsd.edu

Members of the UCSD Teamsters Local 2010 Skilled Trades K6-Unit Bargaining Committee shall work to build member power and represent members in a manner that promotes openness, transparency, member education, organization and mobilization in order to foster the fullest possible participation by all members in the development and implementation of a strategic contract campaign.

Negotiated Raises Coming for K6 Teamsters!

Our 5% across-the-board Teamsters raise will appear on Skilled Trades workers’ paychecks starting July 19, according to UC representatives. Our annual raises are guaranteed because of our strong Teamsters contract. Thank you for standing together with our Bargaining Team and fellow members as we fought for essential pay for essential UC workers

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UCSD Campus Stewards Elected!

Teamsters 2010 would like to give a special thank you to Ashton, Scott, and Jorden for stepping up and participating in this very important Teamster steward election. It takes a person possessing strong leadership and character to take on this role to assist union members at the worksite. We would

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Vote in our UCSD Campus Steward Election by Thursday at 5:00 PM

Teamsters 2010 K6 Skilled Trades received three Union Steward nominations (for two open positions) at UCSD Campus. The electronic Union steward election will open on Tuesday, December 13 at 6:00 AM and close on Thursday, December 15 at 5:00 PM. Members will receive an electronic ballot at their UCSD work

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Two UCSD Campus Steward Positions Open for Nominations

To be placed on the Steward Election Ballot for all Campus departments, please complete a nomination form and email your completed form to Union Representative Michael Sherritt at msherritt@teamsters2010.org by 5:00PM Friday, Dec. 9, 2022. Electronic voting by email for nominated stewards will open at 6:00AM Tuesday, Dec. 13 and

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Tentative Contract Agreement reached for UCSD Skilled Trades Teamsters!

Skilled Trades Bargaining Team Reaches Tentative Agreement with UCSD! Through our hard work, dedication, organizing and display of strength at the worksite, Skilled Trades workers moved the University to a Tentative Agreement that will increase wages and protect all K6 Unit workers. The Tentative Agreement includes: A 20.4% total compound

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Teamsters File ULP against UCSD’s Delay Tactics!

After months without a wage proposal from UCSD, Teamsters Local 2010 has filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge against UCSD at the State Public Employee Relations Board (PERB). UCSD cannot claim to be bargaining in good faith after failing to provide a second wage proposal for multiple months, leaving

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Teamsters 2010 K6 Unit Bargaining Update, June 24

Teamsters 2010 Skilled Trades started bargaining with UCSD management on August 20, 2021. To date there has been approximately thirty-five bargaining sessions. The next bargaining sessions will be scheduled in July. These bargaining sessions have focused on updating contract language and working condition, but talks have also begun on wages

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Teamsters 2010 K6 Unit Bargaining Update #2

Teamsters 2010 Skilled Trades started bargaining with UCSD management on August 20, 2021. To date there have been 16 bargaining sessions. These bargaining sessions have focused on updating current contract language and improving working conditions, with a few articles that contain possible economic improvement for Skilled Trades. Upcoming bargaining sessions

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UCSD Teamsters K6 Unit Bargaining Update

January 1, 2022 Bargaining Update Greetings Teamsters, Teamsters 2010 Skilled Trades started bargaining with UCSD management on August 20, 2021. To date, there have been 11 bargaining sessions. These bargaining sessions have focused mostly on updating current contract language and improving working conditions, with a few proposals that contain economic

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Bargaining Team Begins Prep on Initial Proposals

Our Teamsters skilled trades Bargaining Team met on June 15 and 16 to prepare initial proposals on the contract articles that we are requesting to bargain during upcoming negotiations. This document included suggestions from skilled trades members who completed and returned their bargaining surveys by June 11.  Teamsters initial proposals

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Complete Your Bargaining Survey Today!

An online Bargaining Survey was sent to your work email yesterday morning Thursday, June 3, 2021. The completion of the bargaining survey is very important to your bargaining team. It will help your bargaining team prioritize what is most important to you in the upcoming contract negotiations. If you did

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K6 Bargaining Team Election Results

Three separate Bargaining Team elections concluded at 6 p.m. May 27. Following are the results of the elections. UCSD K6 Health — Hillcrest & La Jolla Med Center Facility Engineering Herman Ricks 63.0% WIN Christopher Medina 37.0% UCSD K6 Campus — Facilities Management, Housing/Dining/Hospitality, VCSA Campus Recreation, Aquarium-Museum, Chemistry &

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VOTE TODAY for K6 Skilled Trades Bargaining Team Members!

Three separate Bargaining Team elections started today: Election #1 Health Election #2 Campus Election #3 Energy, Utilities and Sustainability You should have received your bargaining team electronic ballot in your work email inbox this morning just after 6:00 a.m. Voting will remain open until Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 6:00

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Nine Teamsters Running for Bargaining Team Seats

Teamsters 2010 received a total of nine bargaining team nominations with three nominations for Health, four nominations for Campus, and two nominations for Energy, Utilities and Sustainability. The three separate Bargaining Team elections will be conducted simultaneously and electronically (hosted by a web-based election service) opening Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at

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